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Gain clarity on how the Rebbe understands the most basic ideas of Yemos Hamoshiach in the Rambam's Hilchos Moshiach.

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Every Chossid feels the urgency of doing things to bring Moshiach now. Yet, the Rebbe’s message to live Moshiach is more mystifying. Through relatable messaging, community events and thoroughly accessible curricula, ‘We Don’t Have to Wait’ is magnifying the understanding of Moshiach from an eventual era into a relatable everyday mindset.

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Shliach: a literal embodiment of geulah

On Shabbos Chayei Sarah 5752, the fifth Kinus Hashluchim Haolami at which the Rebbe recited a sicha to his shluchim, shlichus as we knew it changed forever: The singular most important shlichus at this unique time is to be VISION CONSCIOUS shluchim, focusing on the ultimate goal every step of our shlichus. We are not only cogs in a machine that do so many things for a broader goal, rather the Rebbe charged us to be the visionary, to understand that we are the very embodiment of geulah and to be constantly conscious of the reality that this is everything we’re working for.

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a feminine  factor - the final  frontier

Over thousands of years, the Jewish people have worked on building a home for Hashem in this world. That home is now complete, but it’s still lacking that magical touch that turns a sterile “house” into a warm, loving, and welcoming “home” - Hashem's presence is almost manifest.
And that’s where the feminine energy is needed most. Yes, it’s the female beauty and touch, often overlooked as something external and not as relevant to the actual brick and mortar, that is precisely what is most relevant and central now. The extra touch of beauty and warmth the woman introduces to Torah and mitzvos is reflective of Hashem's ultimate presence in the every aspect of the dwelling - where what we have created becomes clearly His; where Hashem's essence is dominant even in the most external facets.


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Kids Curriculum 5782


Exploring five fundamental and transformative themes, teaching children to live a Geuladike life. This program features color-coded learning booklets containing translated sicha excerpts, questions, illustrated tidbits and stories, as well as separate review sheets, games, slideshow and media.


A Project of the Moshiach Office at Merkos 302

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