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There are moments in time that form an intersection of multiple events coming together as one. One such a moment is soon upon us.

Thirty years ago, on 15 Iyar, the Rebbe distributed a Koivetz called "D'var Malchus". In it are four fundamental Sichos on the topic of Moshiach as seen through the last Perek of the entire Rambam. This came on the heels of the Rebbe's passionate call and charge to every Chossid, "Tut Altz". 

This year the Siyum HaRambam, and therefore the learning of Hilchos Moshiach will be on Gimmel Tammuz.


This is not merely coincidence. 


Project "Tut Altz" has created a program that will embrace this unique moment in a way that every Chossid can be involved.

Over a six week period, beginning on 15 Iyar and concluding on Gimmel Tammuz, every person should take upon themselves to learn these four Sichos in a way that resonates with them. There will be six different tracks of learning; from in-depth to kid friendly.


Its a unique moment... Embrace it!  


Learning Tracks

1. Learn the Sichos in a traditional format.​

Learn the Sichos from inside the original text by yourself, with a partner or in a group. Make use of the many online resources; including a learning schedule and an array of Shiurim, to complete the Sichos by Gimmel Tammuz.

2. ‘Iyun’ approach for those that want more.


Discover the richness of these sichos by delving into the ideas discussed and following the many footnotes to gain a deeper understanding. Take advantage of the audio and video Shiruim prepared especially for this track.​


3. Clear, concise and relatable from JLI.

Explore some of the fundamental ideas and explanations in the Sichos in a professional and appealing manner as prepared by JLI exclusively for this project.


4. A broader look at the concepts of these Sichos in Hebrew or English

Read through key points of the Sichos, overviews, and additional learning and reading material such as stories, anecdotes and essays.

5. Appreciate the original in English.

Learn the Sichos with an interpolated translation and explanation using the phenomenal and widely popular approach of Sichos In English. 

6. Kids track

Boys and girls get involved as well with a curriculum geared especially for you. Clear, easy and understandable language and layout so many of the key ideas can come to life for the youth as well.




Seize the moment. Gain clarity in the Rebbe’s teachings on Moshiach.

Join the 6 week learning program from 15 Iyar to 3 Tammuz..

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