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Looking for a job in a professional, Kodesh setting? Looking to contribute your talents to the Moshiach Office?

All positions are:

  • In-person or remote (with the requirement of flexibility to come in to crown heights as needed). 

  • Starting September/October

Send your resume

(including references) to: 

See below for more information on each position: 

Tut Altz Shield white banner writing.png
Wall of ideas

Coordinator/Director of Operation

- Creating and managing operational systems, timelines, workflows.

- This is an executive position, involved with all of our departments.

Marketing & Social Media Manager

- Creating strategies to market products and campaigns

- Oversee Social Media calendar & output

Travel Apps
New Flowers

Tut Altz Women's Programming Coordinator

- Coordinating TutAltz Women’s projects

- Marketing TutAltz Women’s products

- Coordinating New TutAltz Women’s podcast

- Communicating and getting feedback from consumers

Creative Writer

-Writer for Curricula (Adults & Kids)

-Writer for Marketing & Copy

Cute Notebooks
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