On 15 Iyar, 5751, the Rebbe handed to each Chossid a booklet titled “Dvar Malchus” containing four foundational Sichos on Hilchos Moshiach in the Rambam. This was a pragmatic application of the Rebbe’s directive to learn about Moshiach in Torah sources. Thirty years later, thousands of Chassidim, young and old, spent six weeks, with the aid of six specially designed learning tracks, to learn and internalize these Sichos.

Dvar Malchus

Learn the Sichos from within the original text by yourself, or with the aid of many online resources, including an array of Shiurim, translations, and explanations.

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A Vision for Moshiach

Explore the fundamental ideas and explanations of the Rebbe on Hilchos Moshiach of the Rambam prepared in a professional and appealing manner.

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Use a curriculum designed especially for children on the Rambam’s Hilchos Moshiach, replete with stories, lessons and key explanations of the Rebbe.