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Festival of the Future 2023: The Power of Every Jew and Every Mitzvah

12 hours left to order the unbelievable package feat: 30+ Resources for Moshiach Seudah made available as Chabad Houses gear up for Moshiach Day on Acharon shel Pesach, dubbed: Festival of the Future!

The Moshiach Seudah may still be a few weeks away, but as shluchim worldwide begin planning for Pesach, the Moshiach Office at Merkos 302 has unveiled the new theme for the Festival of the Future 2023. This year’s slogan, “One By One,” captures the essence of the Rebbe’s sicha of Simchas Torah 5728, which unpacks the prophecy of “kibbutz goluyos — the homecoming from exile” found in Acharon Shel Pesach’s Haftorah.

As Rabbi Shloime Neparstek, director of the Moshiach Office, explains, the idea behind the theme demonstrates the practical ways we can live with the messages of Moshiach here and now. “This year’s program highlights the power of every Jew and every mitzvah,” he says. “The Rebbe tells us that we don’t only await the redemption, we can take active steps to bring the Jewish people back to their spiritual home, one mitzvah and one person at a time.”

The Festival of the Future is a package of programs and resources that enables shluchim to host a series of Acharon Shel Pesach programs to share the deep meaning of the day with their community. The bundle includes a full day of ready-made programs, including a morning Chassidus class, a kid’s program, and a complete Moshiach Seudah program for all ages.

After making a successful splash at three hundred fifty Chabad houses worldwide last year, the Festival of the Future is set to launch at hundreds of Chabad Houses. Ten organizations and content creators have partnered with Festival of the Future to collectively provide more that 30 resources including, advertising aids, guides, handbooks, games, posters, handouts, curriculums and media to successfully host a full Moshiach Day at Chabad. These organizations include: The Rohr Jewish Learning Institute (JLI), Sichos in English (SIE),, Chabad Teen Network (CTeen International), Chabad Kids Network (Ckids), Myshliach, Tut Altz Kids, OneMitzvah, Chabad Young Professionals International (CYP), amongst others.

The sheer amount of material is staggering,” notes Rabbi Yehuda Levin, Chabad of Kensington, “Every style of Chabad House and every size crowd, from any background or affiliation, can find all they need to host a Moshiach Seudah.”

With a strong focus on the power of every mitzvah, the Festival of the Future is capped off with a weeklong collaboration with OneMitzvah that encourages Chabad house community members to bring the inspiration home by sharing one mitzvah with a fellow Jew. “The Rebbe tells us kibbutz goluyos isn’t just about gathering the entire Jewish people en masse,” Rabbi Shloime Neparstek says. “It’s about reaching out to one more person and sharing one more mitzvah.”

Only 12 hours left to order your physical copies of the materials to ensure it comes on time. Please note that the package is available for order past this time, only Festival of the Future cannot ensure that your package will be delivered on time for Acharon shel Pesach.

Order your package here:

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