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Safeguarding the Soldiers with 18,000 Mitzvahs

Doing her part to protect the soldiers on the front lines, Mrs. Debbie Kahen set up a OneMitzvah campaign, inspiring hundreds to contribute towards the goal of 18,000 mitzvahs.

“I felt a compelling need to take action for Israel,” says Debbie Kahen, a member of the GoSephardic shul in Los Angeles. Initially focusing on collecting funds and essentials for displaced families in the South in response to the events on October 7th, the drafting of relatives and Rabbi Chaim Levy’s son prompted her to seek a more profound way to offer support beyond material aid.

Closely following the news and social media, Debbie watched soldiers from diverse backgrounds encouraging people to take on mitzvahs. “That’s when it hit me,” she says. “I realized that while some are on the frontlines protecting Israel physically, we have the responsibility of protecting them spiritually.”

In her search for a way to collect mitzvahs, she discovered OneMitzvah, a mitzvah-raising platform perfectly aligned with her vision. Within minutes, her campaign, titled “Be a part of a cause. 1 Mitzvah, 1 IDF, 1 Jewish Nation”, with the goal of 18,000 representing Chai, was up and running.

Debbie tirelessly spread the word of her campaign everywhere she went. “I spoke to engaged crowds—tehillim groups, challah bakes, lectures—anything happening for Israel,” she says. “I shared which mitzvahs I had taken on and encouraged them to participate using the printed-out QR codes.”

The impact was immediate. On day one of the campaign, Debbie received a message from her Rabbi’s son, a drafted soldier, who shared that his unit experienced a miracle in combat.“I know that our mitzvahs serve as a spiritual shield for our soldiers,” she says. “May these mitzvahs continue to safeguard them.”

“In times of crisis, we can’t just rely on the rabbis and community leaders to take action,” says Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky, Executive Director of Merkos 302. “Every individual is charged with the responsibility to lead the way and inspire their circle of influence to bring more light into the world.”

Visit to dedicate your Mitzvah for the protection of our brethren on the frontlines 

Whether celebrating a joyous occasion, providing strength to heal, or giving support amidst loss, turn your personal moments into a mitzvah opportunity. Personalize your campaign today at

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