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A Full Line of Products to Make the Rebbe’s Geulah Vision a Reality in Your Shlichus


A Vision for Moshiach

Produced by: Moshiach Office at Merkos 302 & Rohr Jewish Learning Institute

For the first time, an original curriculum produced by the team at the JLI on the kuntres that started it all. This in-depth study opens the four fundamental sichos of the original Dvar Malchus in an understandable and engaging way for beginner and advanced students alike.

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Otzaros Hageulah

Produced by: Moshiach Office at Merkos 302 & Machon Ohr Hachassidus

For more advanced learners, these Hebrew language essays explore the Rebbe’s groundbreaking explanations on the Rambam’s concluding two chapters. Written in a familiar, yeshiva-style language, this booklet is great as a gift or for a chavrusa with more sophisticated Torah learning skills.

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Hilchos Moshiach - Kids

Produced by: Moshiach Office at Merkos 302 

A first ever curriculum of its type, this six part series goes through the Rambam’s concluding two chapters about Moshiach, with Chassidishe insights and a selection of the Rebbe’s teachings.
Good for learning during regular class-time, or as an extracurricular item.


Dvar Malchus Translated

Produced by: Moshiach Office at Merkos 302 & Sichos in English 

Arguably the handout that started it all, this important booklet was handed out personally by the Rebbe to all Chassidim to learn the ins and outs of Moshiach’s time. With a new translation and in-depth explanation from the experienced staff at SIE, this cherished and critical study material is now at your fingertips.
Great for a shiur or for chavrusa learning

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This Can Happen

Produced by:  The Rohr Jewish Learning Institute

This flagship course from the JLI appeals to the rational mind, laying down persuasive arguments in systematic fashion. A six part series, this course packs a powerful emotional punch as well.
Geared for a Chabad House crowd

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Days Are Coming

Produced by:  The Rohr Jewish Learning Institute

This multi-part course prepared by the JLI dedicates space to explaining in detail many of the elements of Mashiach - the why, the what, and the how. All in sophisticated language and with advanced educational goals.
Geared for a Chabad House crowd

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Dvar Malchus Chidushim Uburim

Produced by: Dvar Malchus Office 

A first ever comprehensive collection of all the Rebbe’s explanations, from across the Rebbe’s Torah, on the last two perokim of Hilchos Melochim of the Rambam. The perfect sefer for delving deep in your personal learning inyonei geulah. 


In the Rebbe's Words

(כינוס השלוחים העולמי, ש"פ חיי שרה, תשנ"ב)

In plain words: This conference of shluchim should lead to positive resolutions regarding how every shliach ought to prepare himself and prepare all the Jews around him to greet Moshiach. This can be accomplished by explaining the concept of Moshiach as it is clarified in the Written Torah and the Oral Torah, in an understandable manner--each person according to their intellectual level. More particularly, this should include studying the subjects of Moshiach and Redemption, and specifically doing so in a manner of Chabad--Chochmah, Binah, and Daas.

וְּבפַׁשְטּות מֵייְנט דָאס – אַז פוּן דֶעם כִּינּוּס הַׁשְּלוּחִים דַאְרף מֶען קוּמֶען אוּן לְהָבִיא הַחְלָטוֹת טוֹבוֹת ווִי יֶעדֶער שְׁלִיחַ דַארְף זִיךְ אַלֵיין צוּגְרֵייטְן אוּן צוּגְרֵייטְן אַלֶע אִידְן בִּמְקוֹמוֹ וּבְעִירוֹ וכו' צוּ מְקַבֵּל זַיְין פְּנֵי מָשִׁיחַ צִדְקֵנוּ, דוּרְךְ דֶעם ווָאס עֶר אִיז מַסְבִּיר דֶעם עִנְיָן פוּן מָשִׁיחַ כִּמְבוּאָר בַּתֹּוָרה שֶׁבִּכְתַב וּבַתֹּוָרה שֶׁבְּעַל פֶּה בְּאופֶֹן הַמִּתְקַבֵּל צוּ יֶעדֶערְן לְפִי שִׂכְלוֹ וַהֲבָנָתוֹ, כּוֹלֵל בִּמְיוּחָד – דוְּרךְ לִימּוּד עִנְיָנֵי מָשִׁיחַ וּגְאוּלָּה, וּבִפְרַט בְּאוֹפֶן פוּן חָכְמָה בִּינָה וָדַעַת.

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Dedicated in loving memory of

Sarah bas Yekusiel Yehudah Rohr a”h

10 Cheshvan, 5768

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