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Four fundamental Sichos on the basics of Moshiach

A Vision For Moshiach

A Vision for Moshiach

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Explore the fundamental ideas and explanations of the Rebbe on Hilchos Moshiach of the Rambam, with selected texts, translations and commentary.

Available in four additional languages:

Otzros Hageulah

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The four sichos distilled and presented in traditional yeshivah-style essay format with contemporary language.

Otzros Hageulah

Audio & Video Classes

Browse our extensive library of classes on the Dvar Malchus sichos. From short synopses to in-depth studies, there is something for every audience. 

Additional languages:


Children's Curriculum



Hilchos Melachim

Perakim 11 & 12

in six exciting, child-friendly lessons!

Story_time_2.0 (1).png

Make learning flexible for multiple ages with stories and added tidbits

Dig deeper with excerpts from the Rebbe's Dvar Malchus

Enhance creativity and competitive study with optional discussion and essay questions


A full experience in a single packet.

The Siyum-In-A-File is a full set of resources to conduct a siyum farbrengen at home with your family. This farbrengen is themed : Make Geulah Natural By Learning Chassidus Today.

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On 15 Iyar, 5751, the Rebbe handed to each chossid a booklet titled “Dvar Malchus” containing four foundational Sichos on Hilchos Moshiach in the Rambam (the last two chapters of Mishneh Torah). This was a pragmatic application of the Rebbe’s directive to learn about Moshiach in Torah sources.

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