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Shliach: a literal embodiment of geulah

Vision Conscious Events

30 Years Impact Event

30 Shluchim. 30 Years. 30 Stories

The Final Shlichus

Rabbi Moishe New

Behind The Sicha

Rabbi Simon Jacobson

30 Years Young: Fresh and Relevant

Rabbi Nissan Dovid Dubov

30 Year Impact
Rabbi Moishe New

It’s time to trade in the many hats for a singular version. In advance of this year’s kinus hashluchim, Shluchim will unite to recalibrate and focus on the landmark, game-changing message the Rebbe taught at the kinus of 5752: A shliach isn’t just a foot soldier doing this, that, and the other. He’s the missing piece of the puzzle to finally bring Moshiach. THAT’s his one and only hat that shapes every other.



The Sicha 

Rabbi Akiva Wagner

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Sicha Insights

Rabbi Sholom Zirkind


The Sicha 

Rabbi Noam Wagner



On Shabbos Chayei Sarah 5752, the fifth Kinus Hashluchim Haolami at which the Rebbe recited a sicha to his shluchim, shlichus as we knew it changed forever: The singular most important shlichus at this unique time is to be VISION CONSCIOUS shluchim, focusing on the ultimate goal every step of our shlichus. We are not only cogs in a machine that do so many things for a broader goal, rather the Rebbe charged us to be the visionary, to understand that we are the very embodiment of geulah and to be constantly conscious of the reality that this is everything we’re working for.

In preparation for the Kinus Hashluchim 5784, join thousands of shluchim in learning, exploring, and farbrenging about this unique sicha and what it means to us!



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