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Summer is a perfect time to take on a new and
exciting learning challenge


Choose from a variety of resources to uplift your summer, with engaging, entertaining, and interesting content - for adults and kids alike.
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Har Habayis

This informative collection explores the rich history and significance of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, based on biblical and classical sources. This comprehensive collection, arranged by Rabbi Menachem Mendel Raskin, Shliach to Cote-Luc, is laid out in a beautifully designed booklet, with a line-by-line English translation.

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Our Moshe & Me

A kid-friendly exploration of themes of Hiskashrus and Geulah from the last kuntres distributed by the Rebbe with excerpts from the original maamar, graphic explanations, Rebbe stories and stimulating discussion and review materials.

Each booklet/unit contains three to four 15-minutes sections/lessons, each focusing on one short, innovative quote from the maamar text. Each one includes child-friendly explanations, real-life examples, stories, questions for discussion and fun activities.

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The Last Act

Last Act is a thrilling, character-driven serial story aimed to give children an immersive Hakhel experience as they live with the struggles and triumphs of children today, in the past—and in the (very-near) future.



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