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Live with
Geulah Now!

An experiential learning series for children in grades 3-7 on living in the last generation of golus and the first generation of geulah, this curriculum provides nine months of lessons, magazine-quality learning materials, plus fun sheets, games and many study aids.


Children Learning and Living with Geulah

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What's Inside?

What's inside?


Each section is built around an excerpt of the Rebbe's Sichos in color-coded sections.


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Graphically displayed tidbits add spice and excitement to every subject.


Simple and down-to-earth language, the main text offers background an context to the Rebbe's Sichos.

Intros & Summaries

What did you learn? Multiple choice questions test knowledge on the day's lesson.


Clear, colorful, and keen; a seamless layout for a truly immersive and visual learning experience.


These true-life sagas bring the concepts and lessons to life.


Simple, relatable and also colorable! these will bring the Rebbe's words and lessons to life.


It starts with an adventure! Share in the escapades of the Rebbe's Shluchim adn learn to live with Moshiach's times every day!

Tzemach & Geulah

Highlighting essential phrases concepts in the original source side by side with a child-friendly free translation.

Sichah Excerpts

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Each unit includes:

20-28 pages of learning and slideshows

5-7 color-coded learning sections

Average 75 minutes of reading and discussion time per class

15 - minute review activities

20 minute/40 minute games on 2 levels

( Comes complementary with a purchase of 5 or more textbooks )

An experiential learning series for children in grades 3-7 on living with geulah now as charged to us by the Rebbe after 28 Nissan 5751.

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Student Textbook

Once you have completed learning all the sections of the booklet, your students will return to the
Rebbe’s words to find textual evidence to fill in this fun worksheet for a review of the most
essential phrases.

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Fun Sheets

 Learning schedules, lesson breakdown & all teaching aids at your fingertips

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Friendly competition, laughter and movement make learning these topics a part of each student forever! Detailed instruction sheet, easy-to-print game parts and thought-provoking discussion cards!


These discussion-oriented and multi-activity pages provide four weeks of Divrei Torah for your students to take home and share at the Shabbos table.

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Gain insights and understanding of each Segment, delivered by Tut Altz Instructors and special guests.



Enjoy 7 months of lessons from Elul until Nissan, plus a bonus lesson for boys and girls, culminating in a worldwide creative contest.

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Moshiach Contest

 Engaging and entertaining Moshiach-related content with student-led highlights. 

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"Hour of Hiskashrus"


A media presentation that goes hand-in-hand with booklet lessons. They can be used to maintain classroom participation and engagement.

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Teacher's Aid Package:

Shabbos table


Living With Geulah Events:

Teacher's Handbook

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Coloring Book

Individual Boolets

Direct access to individual segments:

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The Best Way

Add the Alef

A New Start

Mission Moshiach


It's a Whole New World

Get out of Golus

Good & Geuladik

Home Sweet Home


who's in Charge here?

~ FAQ's ~

  • How can I be part of the contest?
    If you are in Grades 3 – 8 and have learned the maamar booklets in or out of school, you can submit a project. You do not have to be tested or take part in the weekly divrei Torah to be eligible.
  • What kind of project can I enter into the contest?
    You can submit any creative medium that can be shared—copied, photographed, recorded (video or audio) online by the due date to be considered by our panel of judges as one of the winning submissions.
  • Can I team up to do a project with my friends or siblings?
    Yes, up to four children can participate in and submit a project. If your group wins a prize, you will work it out between yourselves how to share it.
  • How will my project be judged? (Or: Which projects have the best chance to win?)
    Each project will be evaluated by our judges according to these three criteria: 1. Toichen – the message is easy to understand, information from the booklet is clearly included, and the information included is accurate 2. Creativity – the project is unique (one-of-a-kind), inventive, inspiring, fun or funny 3. Organization – the project looks neat and put together and is age-appropriate The judges will take your age into account when choosing the winning projects. They will judge fairly based on the general expectations for each grade level.
  • How do I give in my project?
    When your project is complete (see dates on the back), log onto with your parent or teacher’s help and fill out the submission form. Be sure to attach the file (image, audio or video) with your project
  • Who wins?
    The judges will choose the projects that meet or exceed your grade-level abilities for all three criteria. They will choose four winners internationally.
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