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Society is part of the solution

New Age


The fusion of Elokus with our very existence is not limited to the person of a Yid, rather it extends into the entire world. In an era just before the Geulah, we’re no longer playing defense as we relate with the world, rather we’re on a blistering offense: finding every opportunity to expose Elokus - even in the most surprising places. Emancipation, liberties and progress are the most fertile settings for advancing holiness, Yiddishkeit and chassidus.

Segment Two of the Moshiach Mindset: How to view our relationship with the world, and our interactions with the new and modern age.


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Two Brothers Farbreng:

An intro to the 5-month program



Two Sisters Farbreng:

Tut Altz Women Launch


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Rabbi Sholom Zirkind

Rabbi Berel Bell

Only 10 minutes each shiur

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