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Engaging Without Becoming


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With all this talk about our responsibility to view the world with a Moshiach mindset, does that mean we’re no longer in galus? Does the fact that we’re finding Elokus in the remotest and most counterintuitive places on earth mean the darkness is gone?
That hardly seems likely. One quick look around makes it pretty clear that the darkness is alive and well.
In this segment, we explore the impossible: To understand that we’re still in galus, of course, and simultaneously maintain a Moshiach mindset. How is this paradox possible? Well, when you’re truly plugged into Hashem’s perspective, anything is possible.
Segment Three of the Moshiach Mindset: Navigating the paradox of living in the transition period; adopting the mind-shifts of the previous segments while in an irrefutable galus reality.


Dvar Torah

Dont Wait Avtzon Brothers (1).png

Rabbi Shmuly Avtzon

and Rabbi Levi Avtzon


"What the Rambam was



Sholom Zirkind.jpg

Rabbi Sholom Zirkind

Rabbi Berel Bell

Only 10 minutes each shiur

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