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Hundreds of children take part in an International “Moshiach Week” by pledging Mitzvos

A whopping 5859 hachlotos from 486 children from all over the world were committed during “Moshiach Week” between Achron shel Pesach and 28 Nissan this year. According to organizers - a collaboration between Festival of the Future (a project of The Moshiach Office) and MyShliach - this is the most engagement yet from a 28 Nissan Kids Farbrengen.

As recorded on the hachlata platform,, pledges ranged from more fervent davening or an increased degree of kibbud av va’eim and everything in between. The campaign spurred on its hundreds of young participants to push beyond their comfort zones and incorporate more Torah and Mitzvos in their lives, in and expression of yearning for-and anticipation of Moshiach.

This campaign utilized the cutting edge “OneMitzvah” platform, which is modeled on the popular crowdfunding sites, only that OneMitzvah is not for money, but for Mitzvos. It enables anyone to begin a “Mitzvah-raising” campaign in honor of a lifecycle event or as a zechus for the ill. Its mission is to highlight the power of a single Mitzvah to transform the world, based on the famous words of the Rambam.

In recognition of the efforts of these hundreds of children, a special raffle was held for a custom, leather bound and personalized sefer from Kehos. The winner, Chaim Rimler-aged 12- had pledged to learn about Moshiach daily for his hachlatah. He expressed how this Moshiach week pledge had affected him “I won’t stop learning about Moshiach even though the week is over. I know that bringing Moshiach isn’t a one-time effort but a process, and I’m in it till we get there!”

Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, Vice-Chairman of Merkos L’inyonei Chinuch and founder of OneMitzvah, reflects on the significance of this project “So many children uniting in this effort is deeply inspiring. It is a most evocative display of the Rebbe’s ethos of Aseh Mitzvah Achas, the effort to accumulate many small acts of divinity for an ultimate global impact”.

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