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Hundreds of Locations to launch new Moshiach Education Initiative for 28 Nissan and Moshiach Seudah Hachlatah

Inspired by Moshiach Seudah or to commemorate 28 Nissan, hundreds of Chabad Houses and individuals are implementing a new Moshiach Education series into their offerings and schedules. The series called The Alef is a user-friendly, text-based, lesson series instills Moshiach’s relevance to Jews from all walks of life.

Rabbi Tanhoum Matusof, a Shliach in Monaco, often learns one-on-one with members of his community. “Many people have approached me with questions about Moshiach over the years,” he says. “But with recent world events, these encounters have become much more frequent.”

Moshiach education in Chabad Houses has posed a challenge for many. As a multi-faceted topic, with delicate elements involved, finding eloquent and user-friendly material is difficult. The Alef aims to alleviate that.

“I can use these segments without the hassle of delving into the seforim myself,“ Rabbi Matusof shares. “They are short, to the point, very enlightening and, most of all, relevant.”

Matusof is one of several hundred shluchim who hosted Festival of the Future, a Moshiach Seudah program directed on inspiring community members in Moshiach’s relevance in their lives. At its tail end, communities were encouraged to take on a Moshiach learning Hachlatah: The Alef.

The Alef is a lesson series released weekly that debuts this year on 28 Nissan. In an engaging and articulate manner, these zero-preparation-needed content pieces are immersive, concise, and text-based.

“With time, The Alef will cover over a hundred different topics, giving a broad and overarching understanding of what Moshiach is, from a Chassidus perspective,” explains Rabbi Levik Gourarie, Director of The Alef.

When asked about the importance of the project, Rabbi Moshe New, Shliach in Montreal had some insight to share. “One cannot speak of the Jew’s mission in the world nor the unfolding panorama of history and our role in it without placing Moshiach and Geulah at the center of it all. Moshiach and Geulah resonate deeply with everyone, for the simple reason that otherwise life and history are meaningless.”

“The Rebbe instructed his Shluchim to teach their communities about Moshiach in a concrete, methodical and compelling manner,” says Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, founder and chairman of the Moshiach Office. “This is the most direct path to fulfilling their ultimate shlichus of bringing Moshiach.”

Rabbi Mendel Kaplan, Shliach in Toronto, Canada, shares a personal experience, “Although teaching about Moshiach was something I originally did with kabolas ol, it has proven to be a surprisingly effective way to uplift Yidden and successfully stimulate growth in all areas of Yiddishkeit.”

Designed to be intriguing and insightful, these free, two-page PDFs are perfect for any style study session or get-together. “I look forward to using The Alef as a guide for discussions with people as conversations about Moshiach arise,” says Rabbi Matusof. 

Sign up at to start receiving The Alef in PDF form in your inbox weekly and to see a sample.

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