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In Search of Resonating Language: Live-Streamed Global Farbrengen to Mark 28 Nissan

On the eve of 28 Nissan, 2784, a unique event will bring together Chassidim from around the world for a live-streamed farbrengen commemorating the 33rd anniversary of a pivotal moment in our generation. This farbrengen, titled "TIME TO TEACH: Tools and Inspiration for sharing the message," is more than just inspiration; it's an opportunity to equip attendees with the tools to share that message with others.

This annual event draws inspiration from the Rebbe’s words:. In 5751 (1991), the Rebbe issued a powerful call to action, urging all Jews to "tut altz vos ir kent" – do everything you can to bring Moshiach. The following winter, the Rebbe charged his shluchim to teach everyone they know about Moshiach and the importance of actively preparing for his arrival. This year's farbrengen honors that rallying call  and aims to empower all chassidim, from the lay level to the educational vangarde, to engage in teaching the Moshiach concept in a clear and articulate manner. This event is particularly valuable for those who may feel apprehensive about initiating conversations about Moshiach but yearn to share the message

The program promises to be an engaging and informative experience. Rabbi Sholom Ber Lipskar, a renowned shliach, will delve into the topic of Moshiach-related discussion within the typical American Jewish community. His insights will be invaluable for those seeking to bridge the gap and have meaningful conversations about Moshiach with the uninitiated.

Following Rabbi Lipskar, Rabbi Aryeh Weinstein will take the virtual stage.  An expert communicator, Rabbi Weinstein will equip viewers with practical tools of language, making it easier to explain Moshiach topics in a clear and relatable way..

The program doesn't stop at theory. To illustrate the transformative power of Moshiach belief, the farbrengen will feature personal stories of lives changed. Hearing firsthand accounts of how learning about Moshiach has impacted individuals will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression and inspire viewers to take action in their own lives.

The program will culminate in a spirited farbrengen led by the world-renowned Mashpia, Rabbi Yossi Paltiel. Rabbi Paltiel's  deep understanding of Chassidic teachings and his captivating manner of presentation, are sure to create an uplifting atmosphere that will resonate with viewers across the globe.

The event is open to all members of the worldwide Shluchim and Anash community, men and women, seminary students, and bochrim.

This live-streamed event presents a unique opportunity to be inspired, learn, and feel empowered. Mark your calendars for Sunday, eve of 28 Nissan and join the virtual gathering at

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