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Is AI a part of Geulah?

With his thought-provoking analysis, Rabbi Sholom Zirkind explores the intriguing correlation between AI and Moshiach, ultimately shedding light on the limitations and untapped potential of this remarkable technology.

In a groundbreaking episode of the Classic Take podcast, an audio-series on the basic concept of Moshiach, produced by the Tut Altz Podcast Network at Merkos 302, renowned scholar Rabbi Sholom Zirkind delves into the fascinating topic of artificial intelligence (AI) within the context of Moshiach.

In this thought-provoking podcast episode, Rabbi Zirkind embarks on an intellectual journey, unraveling the mysteries that lie at the intersection of artificial intelligence and the prophesied arrival of Moshiach. With his deep understanding of classical sources, Rabbi Zirkind presents a compelling argument that showcases the profound influence of AI on the pursuit of knowledge, an integral component in the fulfillment of Hashem's prophecy that His wisdom will permeate the Earth, as it says, “And the knowledge of Hashem will fill the earth and water fills the sea:.”

The awe-inspiring capabilities of artificial intelligence cannot be ignored, as it possesses the unique ability to collect, categorize, and express vast amounts of data within seconds. Its lightning-fast processing power allows it to accelerate the acquisition of knowledge, providing a powerful tool in the pursuit of enlightenment. However, Rabbi Zirkind cautions that despite its impressive abilities, AI alone falls short of actualizing the prophecy of a “knowledge-filled earth”.

At the heart of Rabbi Zirkind's argument lies the profound understanding that knowledge is not merely the accumulation of information but a connection with the subject matter. This deep connection, an inherent quality possessed solely by humans, is vital in the fulfillment of the prophecy. While AI can amass knowledge at an unprecedented pace, it lacks the profound connection and intuition that humans possess when forging relationships with ideas and concepts.

Furthermore, Rabbi Zirkind points out that the prophets describe Moshiach as being endowed with super intelligence likened to the power of discerning truth through smell or sense. This remarkable quality, classified in ancient texts, signifies a level of discernment that surpasses the capabilities of even the most advanced supercomputers. It is a uniquely human quality, specifically for a spiritually-attuned person like Moshiach.

"Classic Take," a highly acclaimed podcast produced by the Tut Altz Podcast Network at Merkos 302, and hosted by the esteemed scholar and researcher Rabbi Sholom Zirkind, offers a captivating glimpse into the classical sources of Moshiach's coming and the significance of this era. Each weekly 20-minute episode unravels the intricate tapestry of teachings, bringing profound insights and knowledge to its listeners. Listen here.

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