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Uncle Pinchy Shares a Chanukah Miracle Story

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

The beloved puppet tells a heartwarming Chanukah story of an unexpected encounter and a life changed.

At a recent Hakhel event for children, hosted by the Moshiach Office at Merkos 302, Uncle Pinchy, one of the Jewish community’s favorite puppets, surprised the crowd with an exciting appearance.

Uncle Pinchy, a household name for Frum families throughout the world, took the spotlight, relating a miracle mivtzoim story at an event to inspire the children. The story involved a ‘chance’ encounter with a lady on Chanukah, who had no connection to her Jewish roots, and was touched by the Rebbe’s Shliach. The tale was tied to the Hakhel event’s core theme: Miracles Everywhere.

As a supplement to the recently released Live With Geulah Now curriculum and program, Tut Altz Kids hosts a monthly Hakhel event for kids worldwide, conveying the theme of that month’s curriculum. This month’s theme touched on the importance of relating miracle stories – which is a central idea of Chanukah as well – and their significance in the Geulah process, hence the invitation for Uncle Pinchy to share a miracle story of his own.

One does not need to have studied the curriculum to enjoy the recorded Hakhel Events, which are fun, relatable and full of quality content. The events are available on

To find out more about the Live With Geulah curriculum and to see all previous Hakhel events, visit

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