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Newly Translated Collection Of Moshiach-Focused Sichos On Sale

Coming off the heels of 28 Nissan, the day marking the momentous Sicha in which the Rebbe charged each Jew with bringing about the Geulah, Tut Altz presents a tangible way to capitalize on the inspiration by providing a special sale on Moshiach-related study materials. This sale also coincides with the 42nd Siyum HaRambam, a work on which many of the publications included in the sale are based.

The Siyum HaRambam is always a special event, marking the completion of the cumulative study of all the mitzvos of the Torah. This year is especially unique as it marks the convergence of the annual Siyum of the flagship Three Chapters cycle with the triannual Siyum of the One Chapter cycle. Thus, the participants of both tracks are united in celebration of their accomplishment, completing a study cycle founded to unite the Jewish people. This junction is especially fitting in this year of Hakhel, the year of Jewish Unity.

In honor of this special occasion, Tut Altz is offering a special promotion on a newly translated edition of the Dvar Malchus, a collection of Sichos on Hilchos Melachim, the closing section of the Rambam which discusses the Halachos of Moshiach. This anthology is unique as it is the only segment of Lekkutei Sichos the Rebbe ever personally distributed. It was published in the aftermath of the monumental Sicha of 28 Nissan 5751 (1991) and was seen as the Rebbe’s guidance to Chassidim on creating the Moshiach mindset that was demanded in the sicha. Studying these Sichos is a unique way to hasten the Geulah while exposing the student to the depths of the Rambam’s words on the topic.

Using the discount code RAMBAM, one can purchase the Dvar Malchus Translated and the Vision for Moshiach and Hilchos Moshiach for Kids at 15% off. The sale will last until Wednesday, 5 Iyar.

To purchase the materials, visit

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