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Pre-Experience Events Inspire Women Across the Globe to Live With Moshiach

By Zelig Katzman

As part of its mission to empower women in fulfilling their critical roles in the effort to live with Moshiach values, Tut Altz Woman at Merkos 302 facilitated a series of hands-on workshops around the world to help women begin to experience the Geulah in the final days of Golus.

Dubbed the “Pre-Experience” workshops, the events were carefully crafted with the goal of helping women adopt a Moshiach mindset and to begin to experience Geulah in the here and now.

On Motzei Shabbos, one such event was held in the form of a beautiful Hakhel Melaveh Malkah for Beis Rivkah CH High School teachers. The event's theme was “Essence: A question of identity” and was led by Mrs. Sarah Blau. The participants delved into the material and engaged deeply in the ensuing discussion. “The warm ambiance, amazing presentation and subsequent conversation gave the participants a meaningful and tangible message to take home with them,” said Mrs Tiechtel, principal of Beis Rivkah HS. “The framework the program created was an invaluable resource. At the same time, it lends itself to adjustment based on the needs of the crowd, speaking to each individual at their level”.

On the other side of the world, Miss Faygi Sufrin of Chabad Youth Melbourne used the Pre-Experience template to engage with the Chabad High School girls in her locale. After hearing about it from a friend who had participated in a Pre-Experience event, she decided to see for herself what all the buzz was about. “This program sounded like the perfect medium to introduce our high school girls to something new, and when I got to teaching it to them, I was not disappointed. The syllabus was easy and efficient to use. It struck a great balance between interactive and text-based learning,” said Faygi. The impact it had on the girls and teachers alike was remarkable. “I highly recommend Moshiach Office products to whoever is looking for hands-on and engaging material to teach about Moshiach. Their customer service is impeccable, and their products are exciting and unique, with something for everyone regardless of age or background,” said Faygi.

Back in the US, a third program took place, geared towards the Shluchos in the state of Maryland. Seeking to channel the inspiration of the Kinus Hashluchos into something tangible, one Shlucha decided to host a Hakhel Farbrengen with her fellow Shluchos. “The Pre-Experience materials were a perfect template for our Hakhel event, with a very focused message that gave everyone something to take home,” said the hostess Shlucha. “The physical design is beautiful! It’s rare to see such attractive products marketed to Shluchim”. After the inspiring event, all the Shluchos were able to take home the booklets, enabling them to rekindle their inspiration long after they left the program.

Those that led the groups kept noting the ease and accessibility of preparing the material, given the special resources provided by the Moshiach Office at Merkos 302. “The online resources were great! Having the audios allowed me to prepare the learning while tending to other things,” said the Shlucha.

If you are interested in hosting a Hakhel Pre-Experience event in your community, please contact or visit our website

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