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Tisha B'av Reading Material For Kids

Where Hakhel & Tisha B’av come together: Excerpts from Last Act, the new novel from the Moshiach Office at Merkos 302, about the Churban and Rebuilding of the Beis Hamikdash

“If only…to behold the king promised by Hashem through His Navi, a melech from zera Dovid, chosen by Him. No strife, no doubts, no incertitude.”

These are Penina’s thoughts at a historic Hakhel less than twenty years before Churban Bayis Sheini, as seen in Last Act, the historical fiction drama novel released by Tut Altz at Merkos 302. “Like the Jewish people today, she is dreaming about the perfect world of Moshiach”

This Tisha B’av, your young readers (recommended for age 8+) can enjoy these historical fiction stories of young heroes in the times of the building and destruction of the Beis Hamikdash. These stories are experts of the new all star novel: Last Act, available now in stores near you.


Last Act - all 29+ chapters—is available for sale in local Judaica stores or through the Tut Altz website:

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