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Tut Altz Debuts Gimmel Tammuz Resources For All Ages

On the mission to bring the Rebbe’s words to a larger circle, Tut Altz at Merkos 302 rolls out learning material and programming ahead of Gimmel Tammuz; for children, adults, and Shluchim

AThis Gimmel Tammuz, Chassidim around the world will be focusing on the landmark Maamer of Ve’ztat Tetzaveh, the latest maamer distributed by the Rebbe by hand to every single person in 770, on Purim Katan, 1992. While the day of Gimmel Tammuz itself is usually dedicated to learning and inculcating the ideas expressed in the Maamer, the summer is a perfect time to delve into it in a more extensive fashion.

As Gimmel Tammuz approaches and the summer season beyond, the Tut Altz team at Merkos 302 is excited to announce their latest offerings for Lubavitcher communities nationwide under the banner Tut Altz Summer. With a focus on dynamic and relevant education, these programs are designed to help individuals of all ages commit to a study schedule during the summer months with a moshiach-focus - all based on the Maamer of Veata Tetzaveh.

For kids, Our Moshe and Me is a unique curriculum that explores the teachings of the Maamer veata tetzaveh through games, stories, and activities. Perfect for day camps and bungalow colonies, this program is a fun and engaging way for children to learn about Hiskashrus in the Moshiach generation. Children will develop a deeper appreciation for their own role in this unique time and the importance of a Rebbe.

Meanwhile, adults looking to deepen their understanding of the final mission laid out in the maamer ve’ata tetzaveh will find Aspiration: The Geulah Approach for Wanting Geulah to be an enriching and inspiring experience. This program is designed to help individuals explore the unique approach the Rebbe inculcated in the very concept of wanting geulah and its relevance to daily life. This four-part Chavrusah series composites selected themes from the maamer with interesting commentary in a mini curriculum style, discussion starters, and take-away ideas.

In addition, just in time for the Three Weeks, Tut Altz is releasing an all-new Har Habayis booklet. This informative collection explores the rich history and significance of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, based on biblical and classical sources. This comprehensive collection, arranged by Rabbi Menachem Mendel Raskin, Shliach to Cote-Luc, is laid out in a beautifully designed booklet, with a line-by-line English translation.

With these new offerings, Tut Altz is continuing its mission to provide Chabad communities with high-quality educational materials that inspire learning about Moshiach. Whether you’re a child or an adult, a seasoned Torah scholar or a newcomer to these texts, there’s something here for everyone. So why not make this summer the one where you deepen your connection to Torah and prepare yourself a little more for the coming of Moshiach? Check out the latest offerings from Tut Altz today at

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