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Register to become one of the 121 communities word-wide making a Hachana for Yud Shevat 'Transcend' Event

Tut Altz is launching its first Hachana for Yud Shevat for Shluchim and Anash word-wide.
This program is available for men, women and children.

Our goal is to register 60+ Anash communities, who will be hosting a local learning event, and 60+ Neshei Chabad and women groups that will be using our "Event-in-a-Box" - making the sum total of 121 groups in honor of the Rebbe's quickly approaching 120th birthday.
In addition, our goal is the register 121 schools, winter camps and kids groups that will be utilizing our kids curriculum (available 23 Teves).

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With all this talk about our responsibility to view the world with a Moshiach mindset, does that mean we’re no longer in galus? Does the fact that we’re finding Elokus in the remotest and most counterintuitive places on earth mean the darkness is gone?
That hardly seems likely. One quick look around makes it pretty clear that the darkness is alive and well.
In this segment, we explore the impossible: To understand that we’re still in galus, of course, and simultaneously maintain a Moshiach mindset. How is this paradox possible? Well, when you’re truly plugged into Hashem’s perspective, anything is possible.
Segment Three of the Moshiach Mindset: Navigating the paradox of living in the transition period; adopting the mind-shifts of the previous segments while in an irrefutable galus reality.



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