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Children Learning and Living with Geulah

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Part #1

Emunah For Everyone

In preparation for 120 years of 11 Nissan, “Emunah for Everyone” is a kid-friendly exploration of the concept of _Ra'aya Mehemna.

Based on the third ois of the Maamar V'Atah Tetzaveh, this lesson is the first in a series exploring the unique quality of dor hashvii as the last generation of Golus and the first of Geulah from the most recent kuntres distributed by the Rebbe.

This 1.5 hour lesson is the first in a 6 part series, filled with inspiring stories, questions for class discussion, and a fun art activity for boys and girls in Grades 4 to 7.


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Part #2

The Greatest Generation

Comparing the dor hamidbor to the Yidden at the time of gezeiras Haman. What is the power of Mesiras Nefesh?

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Part #3

Crushed & Pure

Exploring the nature of Golus under oppression and the amazing accomplishments of the Friedeker Rebbe

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Part #4

Longing for Geulah

The unique avodah of dor shvii: When things are good b'gashmius, how do we make Moshiach the only thing we want?


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