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Life-altering developments are happening faster than we can report them! Why does the world seem to be hurtling along at such a rapid pace?
Moshiach is just about here–that’s the answer! For thousands of years, the world had plodded along a long and winding path of geulah development, stretching back all the way to our Exodus from Egypt. As we inch our way closer to the finish line, Moshiach himself is starting to shake things up and speed the process along.
And that’s the mandate of every chassid today: to see the world and really every event in that way. From the bombastic to the banal, from global pandemic, to world-shifting peace treaties, to something as simple as your everyday lunch experience, there’s a new reality out there. Train your eyes to see those signs.
Segment Four of the Moshiach Mindset: Decipher the news and current events with a correct Moshiach worldview.