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Tut Altz - Everyone’s an Influencer

The sichah of Chof-Ches Nissan 5751 wasn't only a plea, it was an empowerment. The centrality of the Rebbe’s message that day was for every individual to cease seeing themselves as such; we are to shoulder the responsibility of bringing Moshiach like a leader would. Everyone's an influencer, whether you are in an official position or not.

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Mega Fabrengen 5782

Full Farbrengen

A replay of all 56 speakers, spanning 24 hours, including videos of the Rebbe prepared specially for this Farbrengen. Have the authentic experience with a seamless flow facilitated by a panel of seven MCs.

Mega Farbrengen 5782 | Part 1

Mega Farbrengen 5782 | Part 1

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