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The Geulah Approach to wanting Geulah


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This final segment of the Moshiach mindset brings everything into sharp focus and points in one direction: at someone else. That’s right; even if you’ve mastered everything and are fully plugged into a “Moshiach mindset,” the reality is that nothing is complete until you share it with another.
Well, it depends on what you’re really looking forward to. The true reason a Jew wants Moshiach isn’t simply to get nice things or to escape pain. As the Rebbe famously taught, the underlying drive for Moshiach is a deep-seated desire for G-dliness to be fully expressed in this world. So as long as one corner of earth is still devoid of G-dly expression, a Jew screams “Ad masai!” yearning for the Redemption.
So, you’ve mastered a Moshiach mindset in your own life, at least in some aspect? Great. Now go ahead and make it happen around you. There’s quite a few people counting on you.

Segment Six of the Moshiach Mindset: Attaining a Moshiach Mindset isn't complete until the knowledge is shared with others.

Dvar Torah


"When the Rebbe Encouraged Sending chain Calls"


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Aspirations Audiobook


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27 Adar

Six Teichtel Brothers


Thank you Rabbi Yossi Paltiel and for providing these resources.


Overview of Maamer

Rabbi Yossi Paltiel


15-part text based shiur

Rabbi Yossi Paltiel

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Veata Tezaveh

Rabbi Sholom Zirkind

Rabbi Berel Bell

Only 10 minutes each shiur


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