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Moshiach education in articulate language for your Chabad House crowd.

Registration opens Yud Shevat 5784

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  • What is The Alef?
    This is an educational series with segments released weekly. Each segment is about 15-20 minutes long—though the instructor can expand with discussion and farbrengen on the topic. It is produced as a double-sided PDF with one or two mekoros that are translated, explained, and elucidated based on the Rebbe’s approach. The segments are book-ended with intriguing hooks and insightful takeaways.
  • Who is The Alef for?
    This educational series is for adults—men and women of all ages. The target demographic is Jews affiliated with Yiddishkeit, but not necessarily knowledgeable about Moshiach. The systematic nature and refreshing language of the content make it welcome even to those who might be familiar with the concepts and still intriguing to the uninitiated.
  • How do I use The Alef?
    This is perfect for a short chavrusa session, a small get-together for an occasion or the Torah learning aspect of any program. It requires no prep; each segment is concise enough to remain focused on a singular point, but comprehensive enough so that readers feel satisfied to have gained insight in the topic. Segments are designed to be short, but open-ended enough to breed further discussion. There is one handout for both the teacher and student. The segments strike the balance of providing an approachable reading for the balebos, along with discourse points that retain the teacher-student dynamic.
  • Is The Alef inspiration or information?
    The segments of The Alef provide a symmetry of sources in Chassidus and Nigleh, creating a wholesome approach on any given topic. Learners walk away with the surface and inner meanings to matter at hand. Special emphasis will be placed on demonstrating the essential aspect of Geulah as taught by Chassidus and how differing topics relate to that pivotal point. At the heart of this series is a solid Torah study session. Built around a core text, these segments convey information in an engaging way. In addition, every segment will have inspiring elements, sidebars and takeaways to highlight the relevance to daily life.
  • How do I sign up for The Alef?
    Registration will open after 10 Shevat, 5784. Once registered, you will receive a weekly PDF download of the newest segment. (Archives will be available at a later date.)


Your Input Helps!

Join a  pilot team of ten Shluchim to make a good product great!

  • The pilot team will receive each release on a weekly basis, one month ahead of the public.

  • Each Shliach on the team will use the segments on a weekly basis, and provide the curriculum team with crucial feedback!

To join, email  with your name, makom hashlichus, and a short description of your Chabad House demographic. Shluchim will be selected to join the team soon after the Kinus.

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