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Tut Altz - Time To Teach

Just nine days after the sichah of Chof-Ches Nissan, 5751, the Rebbe launched the campaign to learn Moshiach concepts in Torah. In it's aftermath, the Rebbe implored the shluchim, and all his chassidim, to teach these concepts to the world. Indeed, we must recognize our era as the time to teach.

Full Farbrengen

Everyone can teach. When it comes to esoteric concepts like Moshiach, we struggle to find the perfect langue and presentation befitting the uninitiated.

This Mega Farbrengen is a symphony of insights, stories, tips and tools empowering every person to teach.

Kids Farbrengen

The Beis Hamikdash is more tangible than you may think: Join Rabbi Lerman and Mendy Pelin on a journey of learning and fun all about 770 - the center of Yiddishkeit in Golus!

Inspirational Videos

Be inspired by personal stories and moving insights on sharing the teachings of Moshiach with the world.

Inspirational videos 28 Nissan 5784

Inspirational videos 28 Nissan 5784

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