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First-Ever Moshiach Fair at Mega Event; Pre-order Last Act; Siyum Harambam Sale

Moshiach Fair at the upcoming Mega Tut Altz Farbrengen promises to be an exciting event with a plethora of resources on education and inspiration for individuals and communities on the topic of Moshiach. The fair will be held in the lobby of Campus Chomesh Beis Rivkah 470 Lefferts and will showcase a range of products and services aimed at enhancing the Moshiach mindset and promoting a deeper understanding of Moshiach.

One of the highlights of the Moshiach Fair is the extensive collection of over 330 premium audio podcasts across nine channels. These podcasts feature inspirational farbrengens, educational audiobooks, and motivational Moshiach thoughts, which are designed to help listeners develop a deep and meaningful connection with Moshiach.

Another exciting product on offer at the Moshiach Fair is the OneMitzvah platform, which provides a user-friendly way to launch mitzvah campaigns for personal or communal milestones, life-cycle events, or any popular cause. With over 70 completed unique campaigns and more than 20,000 people pledging their support, OneMitzvah is a powerful tool for raising awareness and promoting mitzvahs.

For those who want to pre-experience the Geulah by adopting a unique Moshiach mindset, the Hakhel Pre-Experience programs are the perfect solution. These programs comprise seven pre-planned farbrengens, each focusing on a different element of life, and provide participants with fascinating debates, discussions, and a refreshing mindshift for daily life.

Premium content for all ages, distilling and exploring the Rebbe's approach to Hilchos Moshiach in the Rambam is also available. The Dvar Malchus collection includes books, curricula, classes, and resources that help individuals delve deeper into the Rebbe's teachings on Moshiach.

Engaging, clearly translated, and annotated sichos and mamaarim about Moshiach are another essential product on offer at the Moshiach Fair. These in-depth mini-curriculums explorations are designed to develop a Moshiach mindset and make living with Geula a reality.

For children, the Moshiach Fair offers the Last Act, a thrilling, character-driven serial story that immerses children in a Hakhel experience as they live with the struggles and triumphs of children today, in the past—and in the (very-near) future. The Live with Geulah Now program is another excellent resource for children in grades 3-7. This experiential learning series provides nine months of lessons, magazine-quality learning materials, plus fun sheets, games, and many study aids to help children understand what it means to live in the last generation of golus and the first generation of geulah.

Finally, for a quick Moshiach energy boost, the Daily Boost is a beautifully designed and simple-to-read resource that can be easily incorporated into any daily routine. Whether commuting to work, at the dinner table, or with morning coffee, the Daily Boost provides relatable thoughts that can be easily applied in a practical manner.

In conclusion, the Moshiach Fair at the upcoming Mega Tut Altz Farbrengen is an event not to be missed. With a range of resources on offer, there is something for everyone to help enhance their Moshiach mindset and promote a deeper understanding of Moshiach in general. For more information about the event and the products on offer, visit or contact +1 (347) 343-4514

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