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New Events Ready-to-go available in time for Kinus

Two new segments of the popular Pre-Experience series, New Age and Paradox, are now available for purchase with a limited-time discount. If you are a Lubavitcher woman looking to share inspiration, these ready-to-go events in a box are the perfect no-hassle solution. 

It’s only 8:06 AM on a Wednesday morning and your phone is pinging, the carpool is beeping, and the kitchen timer, buzzing. You’re already overwhelmed. A glance at your kitchen wall calendar elicits a new sound: a loud whoops! of your own. “My birthday month! I really must plan a farbrengen—how will I manage?”

Or… your birthday is months away, but bumping into the shlucha from the neighboring town in the kosher aisle, you realize how long it’s been since all the local rebbetzins got together. You resolve to arrange a farbrengen, but: “Will everyone really make the extreme effort for another Lunch and Learn, Sushi and Sicha, or Pasta and Parsha? Where will I get the energy to find a new idea…?”

Perhaps… you're meeting with your local Nshei Chabad committee to discuss upcoming events. Everyone loves getting together, but the same-old potluck salads and brownies, plus the big expense of booking speakers, has everyone a bit jaded. You all want to cook up something really special, but what?

The answer is the Pre-Experience: Pre-planned Moshiach-focused Farbrengen Events from Tut Altz Women geared for women of all ages including singles, mothers, and shluchos. Each experience entertains and inspires, guiding participants toward another life-changing concept from the Rebbe's sichos on Inyanei Geulah U’Moshiach through exercises, discussions, and journaling. Following the success of the initial Pre-Experiences called Essence and Synthesis, which explore our true identity and the interplay of body and soul, Tut Altz Women just added two new installments: New Age and Paradox, about dealing with the surrounding culture and the conundrums of daily life, respectively.

Each Pre-Experience is a fully developed event package shipped to your door. In addition to the tools for learning a new Moshiach Mindset, including illustrated learning pages and take-home journals, the box is packed with all you need for a seamless event. From prepared guides and props for the MC (no hired speaker needed) to menu to decor inspiration and a ready-to-go Amazon shopping cart (a.k.a. your event planner), plus a cute memento for each participant, it’s got you covered!

The Pre-Experience packages are available for purchase at Enjoy a limited-time discount* of 15% off by using the code PREEXPERIENCE at checkout. 

*Code valid until 28 Shevat, February 7th

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