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Rabbi Asher Federman to Feature at Tut Altz Event, Inspirational Story

The Tut Altz Live Event will be featuring personal Impactful stories and films. Featured will be Rabbi Asher Federman and Mr. Berel Solomon in a short film titled: Just One Flame.

The Moshiach Office's Mega-Unity Farbrengen Event on April 19th is set to be an unforgettable experience for all who attend or tune into the live stream. The event will feature a lineup of prominent speakers, influencers, and films that will leave a lasting impact on all participants.

One of the unique features of the event is the presentation of "Just One Flame," a film telling the story of Mr. Berel Solomon, a secular Jew who found his way to Torah and mitzvot, sparked in his youth by the inadvertent influence of a simple act by Rabbi Asher, and the late Henya OBM, Federman of Chabad of the Virgin Islands.

Solomon, a young child on a family vacation, experienced the power of one mitzvah in a way that touched him for life. Originally from a completely secular home, Solomon went on to become a religious, practicing Jew and a tremendous influencer for Torah and mitzvos. He now uses his widely followed Social Media platforms to inspire others to connect with their heritage and to make a positive impact in the world.

Just One Flame”, to be featured at the Mega Farbrengen, will leave a lasting impression of the hundreds joining in person and the tens of thousands tuning in. The film, whose message will convey the accessibility of every person to build a “Moshiach world” one person at a time, one Mitzvah at a time, will be dedicated to the everlasting legacy of Shlucha Mrs. Henya Federman OBM who dedicated her life to “gathering in” Jews on far off islands and connecting them to Judaism.

Overall, the Mega-Unity Farbrengen Event promises to be a powerful and inspiring experience for all who participate. With a diverse lineup of speakers, influencers, and films, this event is not to be missed. We invite everyone to purchase tickets to attend or tune into the live stream on regular Jewish streaming platforms. Let us come together as a community to explore the power of Moshiach to unite us and inspire us towards practical action.

Purchase tickets today at

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