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Tut Altz’s Daily Boost Unpacks “Women and Moshiach” Ahead of Chof Beis Shvat

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

Melbourne shlucha Miri Lipskier will host a women’s track of the Daily Boost podcast as it focuses on the power of Jewish women ahead of the Rebbetzin’s yahrtzeit.

Ahead of the month of Shvat, Tut Altz’s Daily Boost Podcast is highlighting the unique role of Jewish women in readying the world for Moshiach.

On the Rebbetzin’s fourth yahrtzeit in 1992, the Rebbe outlined the unique role Jewish women play in the unfolding of the Geula. Detailing the process of creating a “home for G-d,” or dirah b’tachtoinim, the Rebbe highlighted the role feminine qualities play in making the world a more G-dly place. In a series of compact daily messages, this Shvat, the Daily Boost podcast will elaborate on the power of Jewish women.

Since launching this past Tishrei, the Daily Boost has given its rapidly expanding audience an easy way to inject a punchy dose of Moshiach inspiration into all of life’s busy days. Rabbi Shlomie Naparstek of the Moshiach Office at Merkos 302 says the project intends to make Moshiach learning accessible to all.

“For many people who want to learn about Moshiach, the sources aren't easily accessible,” Rabbi Naparstek says. “The Daily Boost was designed to make these core ideas maximally available to all.” In addition to the podcast, the Daily Boost is also available in text format.

Each month the Daily Boost zeros in on a particular topic. In past months, the theme has revolved around “Chassidus and Moshiach” and “Working toward Moshiach.” With the Rebbetzin’s yahrtzeit on Chof Beis Shvat approaching, the podcast production team has devoted Shvat’s Daily Boosts to the theme of “Women and Moshiach.”

“Our team has prepared a range of meaningful topics on Moshiach that highlight Jewish women’s power to influence the world in their own way,” says Tut Altz project manager Mussie Loewenthal, “we’re presenting them in a to-the-point format, but that only adds to their impact.”

Chaya Shemtov, director of Tut Altz Women, says the podcast is also expanding to include a unique track “for women, by women.” “These messages are relevant for everyone,” she says, “but we felt it was important to zero in and give women, in particular, the ability to plug relevant and empowering meaning into their day.”

Shlucha Miri Lipskier of Chabad Youth in Melbourne, Australia, will host the women’s track of the Daily Boost podcast. “As women, we often have to juggle multiple roles,” she says, “these messages are meant to be powerful enough to imbue the entire day with a sense of purpose and concise enough to fit right in.”

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